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The Martyn Booth British Icon Series

The Martyn Booth Guitars BRITISH ICON SERIES is a
celebration of British design, craftsmanship, inventiveness and spirit.
Each handcrafted guitar is a one-off, top of the range model.

First came a tribute to that icon of British design, the Supermarine Spitfire. The top is finished in a green-amber sunburst which echoes the upper wing camouflage of the Spitfire. The back of the body and neck are finished in duck egg blue to mimic the underside of a Spitfire wing in flight as seen from below against the blue September skies of 1940.

Moving forward in time to 1969 and the gracefulness and awesome achievement of Concorde, designed and built in a real true spirit of co-operation with France (hence the crossed flags), this amazing piece of design engineering showed just what can be achieved with vision, craftsmanship and a determination not just to refuse to lower standards, but to actively find solutions by pushing the boundaries into uncharted waters – a sentiment which would be well remembered today.

Our tribute, finished in white has :

  • hand painted thin red and blue pin striping emphasizing the body outline
  • crossed rippling flags hand painted on gesso work on the lower body
  • a headstock featuring a mother of pearl handcut and engraved Concorde
  • finely made red roundel side position markers
  • red and blue pickups completing a truly stunning looking instrument.