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The Venetian Classic and Signature

For many years customers have asked Martyn to make a single cut guitar. His cautious resistance to the idea, fuelled by concerns about accusations of plagiarism and subsequent legal challenge, was finally overcome waking up from a eureka moment dream! The solution had been staring him in the face for decades – since the very first drawings of his Classic guitar in 1979!

Just fill in the top cutaway, keep the Venetian cutaway shape and control layout and the result is a guitar with an obvious “Martyn Booth” theme and integrity of design.

And why not just call it “The Venetian”

This model is available in all the usual variations:
Classic, Classic II, Signature, Tone Chambers, Hollowbody, F-hole Semi (including a version with a reliable tremolo)

    • 50mm body thickness avoids excess weight (56mm for F-hole semi)
    • 338mm wide body
    • Brazilian mahogany body ensures rich tone and sustain
    • High ratio of mahogany to maple ensures rich tone and sustain
    • One-piece mahogany neck with choice of headstock shape on Classic (non-trem) version
    • 25 (635mm) scale length
    • Fixed bridge (standard stopbar and tune-o-matic or wraparound) or Floating Tremolo
    • Back “comfort” cut
    • Coil split humbucking pickups as standard (via push/push pot)
    • Wide flange strap buttons

Ebony or rosewood fingerboard
Neck dimensions and fretwire
Personalised headstock inlays
Headstock and fingerboard binding
Hollow chambers in body to further reduce weight and modify acoustic properties
Pickups, finish and hardware colour