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The Story

Made by a perfectionist, the shape, style and build quality of a Martyn Booth guitar is unsurpassed.

Martyn Booth began his professional career as a luthier in 1975, and during his time has worked for Gibson Guitars in the UK, followed by Yamaha, where he acted as a guitar specialist throughout the 1980s designing and developing the cult classic MSG/Image guitar in that time.

1991 saw the establishment of Martyn Booth Guitars, and in 2001 he decided to launch his own range of guitars. The Classic, the first model he built, was followed in 2002 by the Martyn Booth Signature, featuring a revised headstock design to enable more accurate tuning stability when using the tremolo.

But where do you start when your raison d’être is to make a truly classic guitar?

Of course, for an iconic guitar every variable of the design must be considered when chasing excellence – the depth of the body, the carving of the top, the balance, the symmetry…

One review stated –

“It’s hard to look at the [Martyn Booth] Classic and not think it fell off a Gibson drawing board 50 years ago, whereas in reality it’s a completely new design in its own right.”

The guitars use tried and tested construction techniques such as a mahogany back and maple cap. Martyn maintains that the proportion of mahogany to maple is vital in realising perfect dynamics.

The customer has many choices – heavy, medium or light weight; individual choice of figured maple; neck dimensions; fret-wire; inlays and hardware. The only choice denied is to opt out of quality!

A chisel, mallet, adjustable set square and Martyn’s eye are all that is needed to ensure the neck and body enjoy a perfect unison. The long tenon joint achieves the correct neck angle, alignment and tightness to maximise the resonance of the guitar.

As a final touch, individually designed headstock inlays are available to special order.

Each model is subtly different in style and specification, but all share the same construction techniques, attention to detail and precision, making each and every one worthy of the name it carries.