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Martyn Booth Guitars are constructed with a body made from aged Brazillian mahogany and a one-piece mahogany set neck, ensuring rich tone and sustain. The Classic, Classic II and Signature models permit your own choice of carved maple capped body, gured or plain. All models are also available as a single cut version known as ‘The Venetian’, a reference to the shape of the lower cutaway.


The Martyn Booth Signature combines traditional design themes with the latest precision tremolo systems. The narrow headstock design and 10 degree angle assist accurate and reliable tuning. Even with the extensive up and down pitch shifts demanded by modern guitarists, complicated locking and restringing processes are avoided. As with the Classic, the Signature incorporates the shape of a semi-acoustic into a small solid body and maple tops are carved to ensure that they do not constrain the resonance of the one-piece mahogany back.


The Martyn Booth Classic II was created by popular demand to offer the narrower headstock originally used on the Signature. It maintains the 12 degree pitch of the original Classic and all the same extensive options which can be chosen by the customer


The Martyn Booth Classic is designed to celebrate the traditional features of famous guitars of the 1950s while adding a contemporary twist. The Classic assimilates the shape of a semi-acoustic into a small solid body. Figured or plain maple tops can be chosen by the customer and are carved to ensure that they do not inhibit the resonance of the main “tone-driver”, the one-piece mahogany body slab.


For many years customers have asked Martyn to make a single cut guitar. His cautious resistance to the idea, fuelled by concerns about accusations of plagiarism and subsequent legal challenge, was finally overcome waking up from a eureka moment dream! The solution had been staring him in the face for decades – since the very first drawings of his Classic guitar in 1979!


The Martyn Booth Guitars BRITISH ICON SERIES is a celebration of British design, craftsmanship, inventiveness and spirit.

Each handcrafted guitar is a one-off, top of the range model.

First came a tribute to that icon of British design, the Supermarine Spitfire. The top is finished in a green-amber sunburst which echoes the upper wing camouflage of the Spitfire. The back of the body and neck are finished in duck egg blue to mimic the underside of a Spitfire wing in flight as seen from below against the blue September skies of 1940.


The Martyn Booth Deluxe is the carved top solid mahogany version of the Signature.All the usual quality and attention to detail is delivered in a remarkably subtle and understated guitar. Usually finished in Satin Black or Satin Faded Cherry which ages quickly but naturally.


The Martyn Booth Standard is the carved top solid mahogany version of the Classic. Built with the same quality materials and meticulous attention to detail the Standard is usually finished in Satin Black or Satin Faded Cherry which ages quickly but naturally.


The Martyn Booth Special continues the traditional design outline and Brazilian Mahogany body but without a maple cap. Usually fitted with P90 style pickups, a reduced range of bespoke options is offered on this less expensive model which is still built with the quality materials and attention to detail for which Martyn is so highly regarded.


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