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John Spinks

John Spinks (The Outfield)

John, Tony Lewis, and Alan Jackman first played together in the 1970s band Sirius B. In the 1980s, John recorded several demos under the name Baseball Boys, a name chosen because it closely resembled a gang called The Baseball Furies from the film The Warriors.

He then joined together with Lewis and Jackman again to perform as Baseball Boys. After changing their name to The Outfield in 1984 their debut album, Play Deep, became a multiplatinum-selling smash upon release in 1985.

John was a wonderfully melodic guitar player with a masterful song writing ability. John wrote the band’s biggest hit, “Your Love”, which reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1986. Martyn met John in 1989 and has described the Outfield’s 1990 album “Diamond Days” as one of the most under-appreciated albums of all time! Martyn could not have been more thrilled when John took delivery of his Martyn Booth Classic in 2007, but shortly afterwards it became clear that John was not well and there were no more tours. The Outfield went on to record Replay and despite John often being in great pain, it was completed and released in 2011.

Sadly John died from liver cancer on 9 July 2014, aged 60. He is survived by a wife and two children.

Thanks to Jean, John’s wife, for letting us include John on this website.